Dwelling. Made Easy.

terrace finances, designs and constructs the unit.

 We work directly with the homeowner to design a custom, quality accessory dwelling units (ADU) and secure all the necessary permits. 

terrace finds a suitable tenant for the unit.

 We will vet high-quality tenants to rent the units and split monthly rent with the homeowner 50/50. Don't want to rent it out? No problem. We have alternative arrangements for friends and family. 

zero debt.

 The homeowner has zero obligation to pay terrace back for the ADU costs. You pay us back whenever you sell the house, whether in 5 years or 50 years.

Best in Class Designs.


 Our units are designed to feel as if it's a separate house on its own property.  


 In-unit washers and dryers, a separate entrance and other amenities provide for limited interaction with and reliance on the main residence.   


  Tenants are able to get an enhanced living experience for a fraction of the cost.

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